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For More Information

AWS has excellent tutorials available in the Getting Started Resource Center.

In particular, a more general tutorial on launching a Linux Virtual Machine is available. Note that to follow this tutorial before Neurohackweek 2017 using uwcloudczar credentials, you will need to make sure that your region is set to Oregon, and you will only be able to start t2.small instances in the neurohackweek security group. So there are a few additional steps in this tutorial.

You will probably want to access neuroimaging data from your instance. You can copy it to your instance using scp, but it is much faster to store it in Amazon S3 and copy it there. To learn about S3, look at the Store and Retrieve a File with Amazon S3 tutorial


These exercises are intended just to get you familiar with the AWS console and launching EC2 instances. However, there is much that we haven’t covered. You will probably need to start clusters and copy data to and from the machine. We will discuss how to do that during Neurohackweek and you will have ample time practice with less restrictive credentials!

Key Points